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Whoah. It has happened. Our record “Feathers and Greed” has been released on all digital platforms and services. We wanted to say thank you all a lot! Your support means everything to us and you made this all possible. The vinyl will have a slight delay, we will let you know when it’s available!

Here you can find your favorite way to listen to!

Feathers and Greed



Picture by Christoph Eisenmenger

No words…ok, a few: just thank you to all supporters and the whole crew involved, wow!
In the german LocalHeroes final in Salzwedel we even won two prizes:

Jury: 2nd
Audience: 3rd

Click on the picture or here for a sweet report!

We love ya,
Feathers and Greed



Feathers and Greed Tourposter 2019 DRUCK