This is Feathers and Greed,
a band founded by two skinny cousins in 2017, based in hanover, germany.
Currently two guitars, three voices, percussion (Djembé, Darbuka) and Cello, but working together with other musicians to expand our bandproject and ideas. Making music without limits, trying to maintain the old musical craft and its spirits!


Music made of flesh and blood. Made with love and hate.
Made for aggressive pacifists who like to eat glass with their salad.
Angry, yet gentle and wide-reaching skinny guys skilfully and
unintentionally compose acoustic melodies that vibrate erotically in the inner ear.
Artful music that intends to empty the languid mind and fill it with propagandhi!

Musik aus Menschenfleisch- und Blut. Gemacht mit Liebe und Hass. Für aggressive
Pazifisten, die zum Salat gerne Glas essen. Wütende, sanftmütige und breite
Schmalhanse komponieren gekonnt ungewollt akustische Melodeyen,
die mit dem Schmalz der Ohrmuschel erotisch in Schwingung geraten.
Kunst, um den unterforderten Geist zu leeren und mit Propagandhi zu füllen!